SELLING to people WITHOUT actually SELLING anything is the key to PRINTING MONEY DAILY and is only available through my Influence To Income Method™!”

Learn the SECRETS behind ACTUAL Wealth Creation And Power That The Elite Don't Want You To Know About!


“Selling to people without actually selling anything is the key to printing money daily and is only available through my Influence To Income Method™ 

Hi, I’m Jessen James.

I’ll introduce myself properly in a moment as this is more urgent.

I want you to look at the blueprint I'm sharing with you below.

It’s currently PATENT PENDING to protect its powerful way to make everyday people like you and me print money every single day…

It’s the ONLY blueprint in the world that can help ANYONE

✅ Print Money

✅ Influence Others

✅ and Gain More Respect & Power

Here’s my promise to you (because let’s face it, you have to know what’s in it for you to see this letter though to the end right?) 

This methodology is going to dish out big pay cheques to when applied…Every. Single. Week!

Now you might very well be thinking;

“is this actually true Jessen?”

AND I can understand why. It’s because you have probably seen a million other promises like this from all the Guru’s out there right?

BUT here’s the problem with what you have been promised before…

None of these “Gurus” taught you the actual SECRET, the “missing ingredient” so to speak that they have been using to get to where they are today.

Until NOW that is…

THEREFORE, all the promises you have been made will never really work because they are missing the secret ingredient of INFLUENCE!

You cannot improve your business, career or life if you are completely blind to what the ELITE have used for generations to get more money, power and respect.

Have you noticed how some people seem to just “attract” opportunity after opportunity when you are perhaps struggling to catch a break even?

Sucks right?

WHEN you learn how to be and how EASY it is to become:

✅ A Master Influencer

✅ A Master Communicator

✅ A World Class Speaker

Your entire WORLD will change…

More MONEY, more RESPECT, more POWER, more SIGNIFICANCE and more OPPORTUNITY will flood into your life.

We have a problem however.

Let’s address that right now...

Why have you not gotten the results you want yet in life?

Perhaps you’re running a business, trying to start one, trying to get a promotion at work or even studied a new skill like 'how to get into property investing' or 'how to become a sales person' etc and have hardly gotten any results or feel stuck right now?

Maybe you are getting told “It’s your bloody fault, you have to take responsibility and nobody is coming to save you!”

Now perhaps there's some truth in that but how can it be your fault when you haven't been given the SECRET?


Tricked into thinking it actually IS your fault for not making more sales, growing your business, getting that promotion or even struggling to get property deals after attending that course or not getting sales in after doing that expensive sales training program!

What if I told you WHAT the REAL PROBLEM holding you back is?


What if I told you that it actually wasn’t your fault and that you have been lied to? Would you listen to me and read on to find the answer?

The problem is, NOBODY has actually taught you how to:

Speak with confidence and clarity! Influence people using verbal and non verbal interventions! Become a master communicator so you can become a person of HIGH VALUE!

The truth is, you’ve been told to SELL to people when you’re not actually meant to sell!


Tell people what YOU want when you’re not meant to TELL them!

CONTROL people or situations by being strong and confident when you don’t actually need to be any of these things to control others.


All you need to do is learn how to “Influence People Without Them Knowing You Are Doing It” if you want to print money and attract opportunities DAILY!

It’s THEM against US my friend!

Who’s them? The people that have lied to you all along!

That “Guru” who sold you a course saying ‘anyone’ can do but failed to tell you the secret I’ve shared with you now!

That “Teacher” who told you you ONLY need good grades to get ahead in life when in fact, having degrees and certificates falling out of your arse means NOTHING if you don’t know how to TELL the world how amazing you actually are!

That “INFLUENCER” who told you that you need to be more CONFIDENT to get ahead in life when all you need to know is HOW to communicate more effectively to come across confident instead!

AND the list goes on!

THEY ARE TO BLAME my friend, NOT you!

I was lied too as well until I figured this all out! WE have been kept on the outside whilst these people get richer, get more powerful and profit off of us!


In fact, I want you to mark today’s date in your calendar as pivotal day for you!

If you do not learn this skill today, I promise you (and I don’t want to sound morbid) you will live a life of mediocrity and frustration.

Either you become a better influencer and communicator or miss out on wealth, health and prosperity in abundance.

Which would you prefer my friend? A few weeks of learning or a lifetime of regret and potential misery?

Look, at this point you may be wondering “why should I trust you Jessen?”

If you were with me, back in July 2008, you would have found me leaving my job as a Psychiatric Nurse and Ward Manager of a Multi-Million Dollar healthcare company after making my employer over £6.5m in 2 short years.

However, I didn’t just lose my job, it was taken away from me during a recession.

I was back to square one again. No money, no job, ZERO importance! Have you ever felt like this?

Then I realised something. What is it that my Multi-Millionaire boss doing that I’m not? What has gotten him to where he is today that I don’t know?

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks, the ‘magic secret’ THEY don’t want us to know.


He built his empire on his innate ability to communicate effectively and influence people.


So instead of getting another “job” I decided to model what he did and what I learned whilst I was working there to gross £6.5m in sales and become the youngest ward manager in the UK.

I used my skills of persuasion, speaking and influence that I learned in psychiatry to open my own care business using none of my own money. I influenced people in government to register my care service, when they didn’t actually need another care provider in the borough AND give me clients.

These same skills I used within 12 months to double the size of the business by negotiating a ‘rent to rent’ model with estate agents and landlords to expand my care service provision and eventually retired from this business aged 31, just under 4 years after losing my job!

That business then went on to make me a millionaire just two years later!

It didn’t end there my friend, I went on to refine these skills, learning more and more about public speaking, influence, psychology and even qualifying in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

Through MASTERING the secrets of Speaking, Influence and Communication, I have gone on to buy and sell businesses using none of my own money, launched programs and products out of thin air and made personally (at the time of writing this) over £14 million in sales from the stage and collaboratively with my clients over £130 million to date!

I have become a person of SIGNIFICANT value. People respect my unique ability to sell without selling, influence others and motivate the masses.

The great news is, although I am unique in HOW I use it, I have packaged it up in a way that you now get to use them too.

I am going to get a lot of hate for this my friend! THEY (the Elitists) don’t want me to expose their secrets but I am willing to put my neck on the line and take ALL the risk if you are willing to make a VERY small investment of time, energy and resources to get insane results!

Are you in? Good, let’s go…

Look, am I right in saying you already BELIEVE that you have either of the following:

✅ A unique skill set?

✅ A great product, offer or existing business?

✅ A new skill (like property investing or coaching for eg) that you have learned and just need an opportunity to demonstrate that you can use it successfully?


✅ A work ethic and skillset that should get a promotion or pay rise?

✅ Something that can enhance someone else’s life or make this world a better place?

✅The right to a more prosperous life because you have been through enough crap and deserve better!?

If you answered YES to any of these (and yes you are allowed to say yes to more than one if not ALL of them) then I’ve got incredible news for you…

YOU ARE 80% of the way to the result you are looking for already!

Sadly, that pesky 20% where the come flooding in is where you are struggling and its also the 20% that the Elitist Arseholes don’t want you to know!

Repeat after me:


It’s about to change thanks to me and let me help it make sense in your mind as to WHY…?

If you already are good at something, already have a great business, already have skills or the ability to do and get paid for more, then ALL you have to do is convince others into buying into you or or product right?

For example, if you are great at giving advice like a coach for example, and you KNOW that you can get people results (80% of the way there remember?) then surely,

once you influence the prospect to understand that THEY have a PROBLEM that YOU can SOLVE and if they don’t work with you their problems are going to amplify, they will pay you right? (That’s the remaining 20% to the puzzle!)

Make sense?

Great, so that’s how everything is in life.

From negotiating that pay rise or promotion, getting that deal over the line to raising investment into your new business venture, it all becomes successful when you MASTER the art of speaking, influence and communication.


You get to STEAL my blueprint for doing this consistently right NOW!

This secret works EVERY.SINGLE.TIME when you use it correctly and right now I am going to give you an opportunity to unlock it IMMEDIATELY before anyone else so you too can start experiencing more MONEY, TIME, SIGNIFICANCE and POWER!

INTRODUCING my BRAND NEW Home Study Program…

The Power of THREE Trainings MERGED into ONE!

Professional Speaking

Influence Skills

Communication Skills!

Hours and hours of easy and fast to apply tips, trainings and tactics that will see you go from “unknown” to “influential” in a matter of WEEKS!

Study from the comfort of your own home, your car or on the way to work! It’s up to you.

Now these trainings elsewhere will cost you a MINIMUM of £2000 each to learn individually meaning that will total £6000 plus!

It has actually cost me millions to learn and get right but if I had to put a modest value on the program that still BLOWS my competitor’s prices out the water I would say this:

The Influence To Income Method Home Study Program


MY PRICE ONLY: £1500 (Now that’s a bargain wouldn’t you agree?)

In addition to this, if you were to “continue” your studies into Speaking, Influence and Communication

(you are planning on mastering this aren’t you?) then you would need to enrol into further training, updates and advanced courses right?

I’d say, providing you stick at this for at least 3-5 years minimum you will need to buy at least another 8-10 programs on these topics to stay ahead of the pack.


So that totals another £20,000 MINIMUM will have to spend over the next 3-5 years.

If you add up your “lifetime” learnings it could easily add up to £100,000 at least!

So with that in mind,


LIFETIME Updates to the Influence to Income Method™

TOTAL VALUE: £100,000

MY PRICE ONLY: £FREE! (Yes I have lost my mind please read on!)

FINALLY once you have learned the SECRETS inside of my “Influence To Income Method” you will need some money to perhaps:

✅ Market you new business or existing one?

✅ Design a logo or new brand?

✅ Build a new sales funnel or webpage?

✅ Build an online course or membership site?

✅ Run an online or in-person event?

✅ Design a killer sales presentation?

Whatever the reason, I want to help you on your way. I’ve found by having at least £500 towards any of the above type costs, to really end being the world’s best kept secret massively helps so here’s what I’m going to do…

You are going to need a £500 voucher to get started which my sister company and software agency “Client Converters” is going to arrange for you!


MY PRICE ONLY: £FREE! (Yes I have REALLY HAVE lost my mind please read on!)

So as you can see, you are getting an INSANE value of over over £106,500!

The best bit is in a moment (if you haven’t done so already) you are going to steal all of of this from me for 3 figures!

Athena Dobson - £4,970 made in 90 minutes

Matt Fiddes (close friend and bodyguard of the late, great Michael Jackson himself) - made £526,000 in ONE day!

Abdel T Camarà (English is not even his first language!) - made £12,961 in HALF a day!

Liam Ryan - Made £1,000,000 in only SIX short months!

I have many, many more success stories but right now I have ONE very direct question for you:


Look, you’ve seen already how my life turned around from using this method. You’ve also seen how many others have made ‘life-altering’ amounts of money and now have more respect, significance and freedom!

I’ve negotiated a MASSIVE reduction off my “Influence To Income Method Home Study Program” for you, I mean an INSANE reduction of £106,253 (depending how fast you act)

with my Chief Operating Officer which I am actually in MASSIVE trouble for because it’s way too valuable to practically give away!

Now it’s time for a decision.

The Way I See It Is You Have 3 Options:

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay where you are right now.

Perhaps you already have enough money, influence and status so don’t need any of my help?

If that's the case then you don’t need my Influence To Income Method™


If you’d like to make fast money, gain more respect and AMPLIFY your significance in a matter of WEEKS then that leaves you with two other options...

Option #2: Do it yourself.

You can try and google this stuff, watch copious amounts of YouTube videos, attend lots of FREE workshops from all the Gurus (who won’t give you these secrets anyway) and make a lot of costly, frustrating mistakes along the way.

If you have tens of thousands of pounds to spare and a lot of years left to figure it out on your own then go ahead.

Option #3: Let ME do the heavy lifting for you.

I’ll put my PROVEN methods to work for you.

I’ll do all the leg work, research and investing then put it all into easy to to digest videos and guides for you to study at your leisure.

I’ll make all the mistakes for you so you don’t have to.

ALL you need to do is learn and practice what I have inside my platform, implement it into your everyday life then collect the money, power and results in as little as 30 days from now.

So of these 3 options, ask yourself…

What’s Going To Be Easier For You?

You see, there are two types of people in this world...

Those who only dream about achieving their goals and aspirations without ever taking the CORRECT action to achieve them…

And those who are ready to take advantage of a life altering opportunity when it presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want to retire rich, healthy and powerful.

But we both know, only a few will make it.

It’s the natural law of success and financial abundance…

That classic tale of the dreamers and the doers.

Whilst most keep dreaming, there are a few who are actually serious about their futures and the futures of their families.

Since you’ve read this far, I think you’re one of the special ones.

One of the 100 people I am looking for.

If I’m right and you’re still with me…

I’m ready to unlock the secrets the elite have hidden from you all these years for not the £106,500 it is actually worth.

I’m willing to release it to you RIGHT NOW for only…




Yes that’s it, only £997 for the first 100 of you!

Once all these 100 places are gone they are GONE!

You will still be able to access my program, my door is always open but it will come at a VERY high price.

SO if I were you right now I would RUSH to be one of the first 100!

See you at the top!

Jessen James xx

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Here are 3 reasons to make sure you do


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Just by being one of the fast action takers to literally STEAL my blueprint for influencing others and making EASY MONEY I will give you a £500




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IMAGINE a complete, ever evolving, up to date library of all the latest secrets, tactics and strategies for how to be an Effective Communicator, Master Of Persuasion, Professional Speaker AND Master Of Influence!

About Jessen James

World-Renowned, 8 Times Award Winning International Speaker and Entrepreneur!

Jessen James is an Ex-Psychiatric Nurse Turned Entrepreneur specialising in Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Influence, Psychology, Sales and Marketing.

Having spoken on all across the world, sharing the stage with giants such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Les Brown, Deepak Chopra, Eric Thomas & Dr John Demartini to name a few, Jessen founded The Professional Speaker School and has trained thousands of students globally to become world class communicators!

His deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology, coupled with his 'no nonsense' approach, makes Jessen one of the most sought after speakers globally!

Jessen has featured on prime time national television in the UK multiple times and the star of The Channel 5 Documentary, "Rich House, Poor House!"